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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Virvum - Illuminance

Man - it's been a hot minute since I heard a technical death metal record that I truly enjoyed. I don't mean a death metal record that revealed a lot of technical skill, nor do I mean a death metal record that just has a ton of sweep picking, I mean one that has the layers and intricacies that made the genre so fascinating to me and so many others when it started to rise to prominence all those years ago. Illuminance may be a reissue but it's one that serves as a fitting reminder of what these titans are capable of. 

This is the sort of technical death metal band who understand the driving force of the genre in a way that few of their peers ever will. Rather than reveling in the murk and writhing in a pool of shitty solos and overwrought orchestrations Vivum instead dwell in the soort of squirrely and intense death metal that has defined the careers of their peers in bands like Fallujah and Beyond Creation. Yet Virvum bring something that is wholly their own to the table. Their songwriting sensibilities belie a certain intensity that not a lot of other bands truly get and the general execution is nothing short of delicious.

Elegantly put together and driving with the same passion that I think is key for any band to flourish in this modern blasted landscape Illuminance can't help but to stun. The careening magic of this band is mesmerizing, even though it's oftentimes impossible to predict the next steps Virvum are also masterfully driving their music forward despite it all. Illuminance is a record that balances on a knifes edge and its willingness to be as delicate as it is heavy means that you can't pull yourself away from the triumph. 

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