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Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Erkonauts - I Shall Forgive

There's relatively few records out there that really throw me. That is to say, I don't often find bands who are doing things within the rock and metal genres that is exceptionally out there without being obnoxious. Sure you have bands like Mr Bungle, but the whole point of a band like that is to eschew norms. The Erkonauts eclecticism feels markedly different, and makes their latest offering I Shall Forgive a potent statement that brings in elements from all over the prog and punk spheres into something special.

I think it's really just that in many ways - the fact that the band are good enough songwriters to bring prog and punk together in a way that is legitimately interesting is a special thing and it really shouldn't be discounted. Yet despite the fact that the music is at times willfully weird it's still easy to get lost in I Shall Forgive, because again, the quality of the songs is simply that good. With a top notch mix featuring a heavy emphasis on the bass the listener finds themselves really trying to delve into what The Erkonauts have wrought here. It's oftentimes hard to wrap your head around the mastery, but taking multiple spins of this record is a pleasure in and of itself. 

I Shall Forgive is one of those rare records where the production, songwriting and general concept come together to refine something excellent. You find yourself trying to navigate all sorts of visionary musical twists and turns and it's proven time and time again that The Erkonauts are a band who don't need to follow any goddamn rules simply because they are that good and to deny yourself their pleasure is a most heinous crime. I invite you to join me in a deep dive of this band - they get it in a way none of their peers can match. 

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