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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Jaya The Cat - A Good Day For The Damned

What I love about this blog is how every once in a while I stumble upon something truly great that I never would have expected to be even remotely for me. A Good Day For The Damned, the latest offering from longstanding reggae punks Jaya The Cat is a perfect example of this. A record that sees their unique brand of punk refined into powerful and deeply emotional songs that are not without their sense of fun it's hard to deny yourself of the endless and surreal pleasure that Jaya The Cat bring to us.

There is a sublime sense of poetry in the melodic work of A Good Day For The Damned which serves to make it an especially addictive listen. Toss in an almost Tom Waites-esque world weariness and you start to realize that Jaya The Cat are tapped into something greater. Just as much as this record can be a little dense and weird because of the reggae vibes it also becomes all the more powerful because the writing is truly excellent and it really speaks to something inside all of us. The B side of this record is especially fascinating. Tracks like The Streets Of Shoreditch remind us exactly how talented Jaya The Cat are.

Yet within all of this, like I said before, these guys remain extremely fun. They have silly song titles and the occasional lyric that will make you smirk. This is all intentional and a huge part of what serves to make this band so engaging. Rather than just letting themselves be written off as another punk band, Jaya The Cat use A Good Day For The Damned to show they can create music that is anthemic and beautiful, which will speak to us and guide us through the hard times, after all 'you're beautiful and I love you'.

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