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Saturday, February 24, 2018

GosT - Possessor

GosT have rapidly ascended from relatively unknown electronic project to the forerunners of a genre. Their latest offering Possessor is one of the most punishing pieces of dance music that I have ever heard - pushing the boundaries of what was once called 'synthwave' with buzzing basslines, demonic lyricism and punishing beats that can't help but to mesmerize the listener and force us to choke on the glorious demonic noise. Filled with horror infused ideas, the concept of the record actually revolving around the Satanic Panic this is the soundtrack to the Stranger Things generation.

I can't help but to feel that Possessor is GosT's most massive sounding piece of musical mastery yet. It pushes all sides of the sound, touching on some of the more traditional French house and post punk vibes that shape the project but also hinting at black metal in new and terrifying ways. There is something almost existentially upsetting about Possessor. This is a recording that can bounce back and forth from the most trance like mysteries to some really fucked up and strange sonic spaces that you can't quite wrap your head around. Every track on this record builds into a larger whole, hinting at an underlying sickness that turns the stomach.

The deeply disturbing magic of this record can't help but to make me smile. The gleeful nods to 80s Hammer Horror films and the clear understanding of the cutting edge of modern electronic music serve to make this record timeless. It's an album that gives no fucks but which instead forces you to come to terms with broken unrealities. Possessor is an album that shifts and twists, yet it remains part of the same vision. The dream painted here is potent and reminds us time and time again that slasherwave is the future of dance.

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  1. I've enjoyed most of his work and am looking forward to hearing the full album!