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Friday, February 23, 2018

Sol Invictus - Necropolis

Sol Invictus are perhaps THE neo folk group - the sort of band who are constantly pushing the boundaries of the genre and from whose influence came groups like Agalloch amoung countless others. There brooding brand of neofolk has always been fascinating to those of us who live in the deep underground. With melancholy melodies and intense emotions throughout Necropolis is a fitting statement to the latest phase of a band who shaped the future of a genre, and whose own future seems to be in doubt. 

Necropolis captures that weirdly specific talent that Sol Invictus have always had for making massive sounds out of spares orchestrations. There are countless weird moments here and the bands willingness to push the boundaries of traditional western harmony with music that is as lo fi as it is grandiose forces us to really confront the inherent weirdness this band has always had. With the musical journey of Necropolis you find yourself wandering through mysterious soundworlds of the sort that you might have thought just didn't exist anymore. There are a lot of challenging aspects of Necropolis and it has me increasingly enamored with what the band brings to the table.

This record is fascinating, massive in scope and unrelenting in its willingness to push you to bold new heights. There is something strange and mesmerizing about what's going on here. With touches of English literature, poetry and esoterica all coming together in order to make this a fitting step for Sol Invictus it's hard to really deny yourself the majesty of this band. They have used Necropolis to weave together mythical music that we are all going to find ourselves beholden too and in love with for years to come. 

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