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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Inhumankind - Self-Extinction

Imagine if Mussogorsky had listened to a bunch of weird European black metal and then decided to write a record for double bass and flute. Yeah. That's what Inhumankind are doing. Their upcoming offering Self-Extinction is a fascinating musical journey, one that blendds avant garde classical music with black metal in order to create something truly weird, with all sorts of strange musical twists and turns and a willingness to keep on exploring in the name of forcing us to question what black metal really is.

With hyper esoteric lyrics focused on kabbalah, dark magic, elder gods and left hand paths this isn't exactly a walk in the park. It's in fact exactly the sort of demented musical journey that you would expect Colin Marston to produce. The strange musical explorations on tracks like Against All Odds speak to the esoteric power of the band and the brooding power of the mix, fused with the tortured and hypnotizing vocals that alternate between autotuned choral buzzings and FX'ed out black metal histrionics. There are layers upon layers here, but the orchestration is so deceptively simple that the full horror doesn't strike until the third or fourth listen.

I'm not going to lie - Self-Extinction can be a hard record to listen to. It's a record that really sets the tone for how fucked up some of the releases I, Voidhanger puts out can be. It's a record that forces you to question what you consider to be extreme and whose unique sonic profile is going to leave you digging into all sorts of 20th century masters in order to properly understand it. This is the sort of challenging and weird musical adventure that I think none of us really want to let go of and which will exist on the nebulous fringes of the underground for all time.

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