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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Vomitor - Pestilent Death

You gotta love underground death metal, and no one has done a better job of keeping the spirit of the genre alive than Hell's Headbangers. The latest glorious blasphemy that they have dug up is Pestilent Death, the upcoming fourth offering from Australia's Vomitor. A record that delightedly plays into the tropes of the genre and is full f over the top death metal riffing it's hard not to smile at the gloriously demented histrionics of Vomitor. It's the same sort of face ripping and delightfully evil death metal that made so many of us fall in love with the genre in the first place.

Seemingly torn out of the musicians by force the high powered assault of this record is evident from the first. The brash sense of bloodthirst with which they dart forward is the exact kind of over the top magic that you would want from a band named Vomitor. A group who have made a name for themselves with their dedication to the cult and the exclusivity of their releases (This is their first album in 4 years) it's interesting to see how Pestilent Death stays so true to the punk rock ethos that made this band interesting in the first place. You can see the mosh pits forming in the stop start punishment of opener Tremolation and it only gets crazier from there. 

Sure the dungeon basement level production can be seen as a limiting factor, but personally I kind of dig it. The sense of 'fuck you' that makes Pestilent Death such a strong statement permeates every aspect of the record and is going to be very important to a specific subset of the metal community. Watching their apocalyptic soundtracks unfold is a lot of fun and hearkens back to that eternal 15 year old who needs to be kept alive for the spirit of metal to still matter in our hearts. Vomitor understand the youthful appeal of the genre and make sure we stay in love with the decrepit truth. 

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