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Monday, February 19, 2018

Sixes - Methistopheles

Sixes have recently started to seriously make a name for themselves in underground doom scenes across the world, but also in underground black and sludge metal scenes too. this record is a hateful masterpiece, a look into the darker side of the human condition and one which forces you to choke on our own misery. There is a apocalyptic sense of evil within this band, be it in the Conan-esque riffing or the moments of frostbitten fury. This is the sort of sludgy doom metal that forces us to come terms with the darkness residing within us all.

Beyond that this is a record that sounds absolutely massive. you can feel the riffs roaring out of your speakers and falling heavily across your chest. they are brutal, unforgiving and at times simply terrifying. Methistopheles is over an hour long, but it never seems to grow dull, instead you find yourself wandering from one hate filled landscape to another, wondering when the suffering will end. The darkness that drives Sixes is at times intimidating. It allows us to come to terms with the same sort of demonic unrealities that leave so many in sheer terror. In an America defined by school shootings and division of all sorts this is the soundtrack to our apocalypse.

Featuring a variety of vocal styles (With a variety in the quality of execution) and diverse songwriting techniques, Methistopheles can feel like three records crammed into one. But the record is just linear enough that you never feel lost. Instead I can't help but to be impressed at the huge vistas that Sixes is able to conquer with ease. There is something fascinating about their approach to this whole thing and it makes me want to dig ever deeper - forever exploring brash new soundworlds and coming to a deeper understanding of the genre God forgot.

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