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Friday, April 20, 2018

Medieval Demon - Medieval Necromancy

Greek black metal is one of the most interesting musical movements of the last few decades of extreme metal. Outside of the obvious torchbearers Rotting Christ, bands like Medieval Demon have kept the flame alive on the underground. Wonderfully twisted and ready to go for the throat the band is preparing to unleash their first full length in 20 years. While maintaining the same core dudes, Lord Apollyon and Sirokous the band has gone ever further down paths of glorious blasphemy towards ultimate black metal slaughter.

It's hard not to love the atavistic tendencies of songs like Ancient evil In The Woods. The demonic croaks and synth padding serve to couch this record in the grand old tradition. The songwriting though is a damn sight stronger than anything we've seen from the band before and it's incredible to get to sink your teeth into some of the best composed music the Greek scene has produced in years. The conjuring of wonderfully bleak ideas and the balls out assault prevalent throughout this record only builds on the bands legacy of torment. Unabashedly old school, but damn good at it, Medieval Demon are on a totally different level from many of their peers.

Sure, these guys are no Varathron or Necromantia but they bring something else to the table. In an hour of wolves and flame Medieval Demon come to show us the twisted burning wreckage of a world best forgotten. This is a band who conjure up everything that made me fall in love with the genre when I was a teenager. They have potent riffs, unrelenting blasts and a strange sense of forward motion that makes them not just inspiring but reminding us that despite this worlds oppression, we can create something greater. OSBM fans rejoice, Medieval Necromancy is here to blow your mind.

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