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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Organ Dealer/Invertebrate/Nerve Grind - Split

Talk about a hell of a three way split. Three of the hottest bands in the scene right now have come together on this split to create some truly devastating music. With nary a song crossing the 90 second mark, it's obvious from the first what you're going to get with this release. Yet you dig in anyway because Organ Dealer, Invertebrate and Nerve Grind are among the most exciting bands going right now. there is a chaotic magic to these songs and the devastating crush and sense of grindcore unity here is undeniable.

The ADD magic of this split is such that the second you get a taste for the deathgrind magic of Organ Dealer you are immediately flung into the three contributions from Nerve Grind. While the Nerve Grind guys don't even contribute two minutes of material to the split there more straight, oppressive grindcore assault is the perfect fulcrum to launch you into the infectious madness of Invertebrate. The samples they use are truly excellent and their straight up, no fucks given assault is strangely addictive. The touches of powerviolence on a track like Good For Nothing only serves to grow the mythos behind the band and make their unique assault all the more mesmerizing. Together these three acts unite for a memorable listening experience.

So join me and get lost in these infectious grooves. There are 18 songs to digest in just a few minutes here and this only serves to make you want to spin this blasphemous offering time and time again. A classic case of East meets West we are reminded that we are all one big deranged grindcore family. This is an addictive spin and one that happily serves the listener exactly what they want. Over the top and unafraid to go for the throat, this is a split that is going to enter the annals of extreme music history.

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