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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Amarok - Devoured

This is a special one. Amarok are truly a band in and of themselves. While on the one hand they certainly reflect the potent majesty of groups like Yob or even Usnea they also have the same cromagnon heaviness that defines acts like Primitive Man. Balancing artsy ideologies with raw rock fury this is the sort of doom metal album that not only fascinates but which guides the listener from peak to musical peak. It's a veritable sonic adventure and one that you will want to take time and time again.

There is something wonderfully weir about the delightful and esoteric oomph of Devoured. The touches of black metal act as a perfect counterbalance to some of the more vicious touches of harsh noise. The way that this band so elegantly fuses dark and light, abrasive scratches on your flesh with twisted sonic poetry - it's transcendent at times. While there certainly is a 'jack of all trades, master of none' vibe to the record, it's still easy to see what makes this band great. The sense of forward motion that guides you through the nearly 70 minute run time is palpable. For a record this long you need to be dealing in some pretty triumphant shit and Amarok make a point of it.

The nihilistic crush of this band gives me a strange sense of hope. The bitter pill that comes with these devastating melodies and colossal guitar tones is delightful. This is strange and painful music at times to be sure, but it is also the sort of music that hits you right in the gut. It forces you to come to terms with our bitter reality and at the end of the day I think many of us would say we feel stronger as a result of it. This is doom metal at some of its finest, chock to the brim of diverse elements and unafraid to explore.

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