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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Kontinuum - No Need To Reason

Post rock, dark wave, dark ambient, I don't fucking know - all this stuff merges together into an incredibly powerful whole on Kontinuums latest release, No Need For Reason. This is the sort of deeply emotionally powerful album that doesn't just reflect upon the negative but which breathes new life into the band. It is an album that has an incredible sense of breadth, a mass to it that is undeniable and that makes for a charming twist you can't help but to escape, it's pure magic in refined and glorious musical form.

The performances on this record really set it in a world apart. This is an album that breathes. The ebbs and flows feel natural and it speaks to a songwriting sensibility that has been brought to a new level. I have always been a fan of what Kontinuum have done and their unique ability to play with human emotions has always impressed. It's hard to find post rock bands that aren't just trendhoppers but who create something that is powerful and emotionally relevant. The mournful cry on Neuron, the roaring guitars throughout, the pulsating rhythm section... all these things feed into each other to make for a more meaningful whole.

There are so many layers on No Need For Reason that it's hard not to become obsessed. Kontinuum showcases exotic new twists and turns with every passing moment, it's a record that fascinates. The simple and elegant poetry of these tracks speaks to a band who have dedicated their lives to crafting something soul searching and beautiful. As the band nears the ten year mark you realize they have embraced a fascinating and potent future.

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