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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Varsovie - Coups Et Blessures

Sundust Records may be a new label, but anyone who is associated with Blut Aus Nord and Debemur Morti probably has their shit together and is choosing some great music to put out. Such si the case with Coups Et Blessures the third record from the blossoming flower that is Varsovie. This These French post-punk masters have created something with this album that transcends many of the bands peers and hints at a bigger and bolder future. This is one of the most epic records I have heard all year, and making an active move towards being one of my favorite non-English albums ever.

There is something wonderfully epic about Coups Et Blessures be it the thrilling touches of Talk Talk and The Cure or simply the strange sense of forward motion that defines the record. Varsovie use this album to craft music that is strange and transcendent, that fascinates the listener and which draws them into their own unique soundworld. This isn't roc kand roll for the faint of hearrt but rather a sonic experience of the sort that doesn't come up to often. There is a breadth to songs like Chevaux Echapp├ęs which only serves to make the album all the more intense, mesmerizing, and, in a word, powerful. This is what post punk is supposed to be about.

With strange colliding chords occasionally dominating a narrative of driving rhythms and epic soundscapes the compositions of Varsovie are pure magic. The elegant approach to the writing is distinctly French, it's layered with intertextuality, unique twists and turns and the sort of attention to detail that makes good music great. The lyrics are powerful and at times incredible emotional. It's been three years since we last heard from these guys but one can only hope the power of this record keeps them cranking out top notch material quickly because this is triumphant.

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