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Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Lion's Daughter - Future Cult

I first discovered The Lion's Daughter with their collaboration with Indian Blanket back in 2013. Since then I have been deeply enamored with these St. Louis Season Of Mist signees. These guys are on another level with their unique brand of black metal blasting forth in frantic and powerful ways. There is a sense of demonic possession that you get with The Lion's Daughter you don't frequently see in many of their peers. This is the sound of the world ending and the terror that haunts children at night and I love it.

The existential horror of Future Cult hits from the first track with the weird and haunting synthesizer laying all sorts of possessed synthwave elements on top of an oppressive black metal assault. The vocals feel as if they are almost torn out of the singers flesh, roaring out like a bat out of hell and reminding us of the inherent horror of being. I actually really enjoy the OG Hammer Horror vibe that a song like Call The Midnight's Animal brings to the table. It speaks to a very specific culture and sound that I think a lot of us were in love with from a young age. you can feel the terror as the killer hunts you down and it invokes goosebumps in the same way only the best horror movies can.

Future Cult is the sort of demonic embrace that you are going to inevitably fall into if you love heavy music. the ghoulsih sounds though aren't a way to cover up for a lack of musical substance. In fact the songwriting here is some of the best of The Lion's Daughter's career. The choatic crash and sense of perpetual forward motion that makes this such a slam bang masterpiece serves to keep you on edge even through the most poetic and over the top moments. If you love black metal and horror you've come to the right place, so dig on in.

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