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Monday, July 9, 2018

Void Ritual - Death Is Peace

Man, days like today where I am sick, stressed and tired I remember how much I love black metal. Bands like Void Ritual speak to a sort of inhuman power that towers above us all. You can find yourself getting lost in their new offering, the masterful Death Is Peace. Colored with all manner of second wave of black metal magic. This is a record that fans of the genre can get lost in, the sort of potent and overwhelming sonic poetry that nerds can admire and black metal fans are going to find themselves going gaga over.

I think what gets me is the sheer intensity of what this group brings to the table. The sheer sonic madness brought forth by songs like The Howling Darkness speaks to exactly why I have fallen in love with this band in the first place. there is a pure blasphemy to Death Is Peace that makes spinning this record almost a sacred rite. The fierce blaze in the northern sky conjured up by the rapid fire guitars and neverending blast beats speaks to a group who are unafraid to look deep into the eyes of a god who failed and spit in his face. This is a band who have been through the crucible of life and come out with this to show for it.

Black metal warriors can't help but to love the tightly controlled sonic madness of Death Is Peace. To embrace this type of black metal requires an undeniable nihilism, a pure bitterness that is pure and to the point, enjoying its own unholy consecrations. This is the sort of black metal that rose to prominence three decades ago, but it's thrilling to see how now it is starting to reach bold and new forms and even traditionalists like Void Ritual seem eager to prove that they can stretch beyond the shoulders of giants.

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