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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Spacetrucker - Smooth Orbit

I've had this theory for a little while now that a lot of these stoner rock bands aren't actually stoner rock bands. They might fit into the aesthetic but they are tied into something else, they are tied into grunge, and bands like Backwoods Payback, Zed and now Spacetrucker prove it. It's not just the guitar tone or the vocals, but the entire ethos, the attack that Spacetrucker bring to the scene is what makes them unique, differentiates them and gets you digging into whole new blasphemous realms of heavy rock glory.

Here's the thing, a lot of the guys in this scene grew up with grunge, a helluva lot more than grew up with fucking Budgie and Necromandus that's for sure. It all informs each other though and that's the beauty of a band like Spacetrucker. While the grunge influence is clear, they are unafraid to bring in some wonderfully weird fuzz stuff, pushing their pedals to the limit of their capabilities and occasionally slipping into complete noisy oblivion. It's this tendency for raw rock fury, pure noise driven annihilation that makes Spacetrucker such an interesting band to sink your teeth into and traverse the distorted universe with.

There are a lot of really solid riffs in what Spacetrucker does, but not too many, which is a mistake a lot of bands make. While at times they might be a bit longwinded, they still definitely wrote songs here. While I'd like to see everything under four minutes or so, the general attack of the band is exciting and tracks like Not As Hung suggest that there is an incredible talent here just waiting to be developed. You can groove with these tracks, they have clear drive and they remind us that no matter what we do we are going to fall in love with the pummeling riffage.

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