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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Moss Upon The Skull - In Vengeful Reverence

I, Voidhanger Records has always peddled rather different music to say the least. They have always been a label who found some of the weirdest and most interesting things going on in the underground and fed it to legions of gleeful fans. Such is the case with their latest offering from Moss Upon The Skull, In Vengeful Reverence. This is an intense listen and weird one too. It's a record that doesn't play by the rules, but instead takes their brand of Gorguts-esque progressive death metal to a whole new level.

What gets me about this record is the bands ability to bring in all aspects of eath metal and make them make sense in their own brand of extremely brutal and intellectual prog metal. That is to say they balance squirrelly technical riffs against moments defined by eerie synths. Other times freakish arpeggios come to the plate against crushing assaults from the bottom end. In Vengeful Reverence shows us a highly niche band at the peak of their abilities. The hectic crush of a track like Impending Evil is maddening to be sure, but it's also strangely controlled. The band has the ability to keeep driving whilst never becoming overwhelming.

This is a dense listen and one that is going to take a few spins to understand. This is also a record that continues to impress the deeper I dig. It brings a lot to the table with every track and the more that itt grows the more you find yourself curious about how the band will expand from here. Despite the fact that this is an album that is a little bit all over the place, it is surprisingly well put together. I'm thus excited to see how the band takes their bevy of ideas and sounds forward as they explore new sonic possibilities. October 19th, the magic happens and the record gets dropped.

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