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Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Sharp Teeth - Familiar

One of the things I find interesting about the modern rock scene is all of the bands who are basically going in the grunge wave but doing it with a bit more a stoner rock image. While the Sharp Teeth are perhaps more tied into the traditional rock scene, the grungy influence of their sound is palatable and the raw heaviness of their music creates a direct musical connection between them and their musical ancestors in bands like Alice In chains and Soundgarden. There is a very real sense of yarling fury to their new record Familiar which serves to make it wonderfully compelling.

This is the sort of rock record that really understands that darker side of the genre without ever getting artsy. This is an album that has a lot of really deep and interesting lyrics and executes them through a sense of raw rock fury. The emphasis on the heavy bass parts is really exciting and the amount of space that the drums ave in the mix is glorious. this is an album that sounds huge from front to back and the transcendent hints at American rock speak to the power of The Sharp Teeth as an entity. As this band crafts potent sonic highways, you find yourself digging deeper into Familiar and enjoying every studio trick they pull. It's triumphant.

More than almost all of their peers The Sharp Teeth understand the power of dynamics in rock music. The ability to drop into bass and drum driven verses and then roar back with high powered guitars speaks to the talents of this band as songwriters. This is obviously a work that has been crafted with endless love and devotion. It's a refined and interesting listen. It's an album you are going to fall in love with time and time again and which can't help but to shock, impress and make you wonder when we will get more.

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