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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Gridfailure - When The Lights Go Out Vol. II

Regular readers know that I have been a big fan of Gridfailure for years now. Everything that comes from this project is, as far as I am concerned, pure gold. There is a very real power to this noise project and I am always curious to see how it evolves. This latest offering, When The Lights Go Out Vol. II coming just in time for Halloween is perhaps Gridfailures most potent and diverse release yet, a huge step up for the band and a hint at great things that may be to come from one of New York's weirdest solo projects.

What differentiates this record from many others in the Gridfailure catalog is the unabashed willingness to embrace new sounds. While certain tracks certainly utilize the creepy synths and harsh noises that have defined a lot of the groups previous output, other tracks see elements of more traditional keyboards and even touches of choirs. It adds to the overall eeriness of the release and really gets you deep into the Halloween spirit. Inherently spooky and wonderfully twisted, When The Lights Go Out Vol. II is clearly very comfortable with the darker side of humanity and the maddening unrealities which it represents.

This is definitely a bit of a strange record, an album that refuses to play by the rules and which consistently takes off in exciting new directions. When The Lights Go Out Vol. II is an album that refuses to compromise its approach and seems excited to continue expanding and evolving. Gridfailure have, historically been able to keep pushing their sound but this is a quantum leap. Leaving me very excited for what more is to come, this is unabashedly one of my favorite noise releases of the year thus far.

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