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Monday, October 29, 2018

Roadkiller - S/T

Hard hitting speed metal with big choruses and tight riffs charging at you from the monstrous pipes of band masterful singer, Roadkiller is a bit different from your average band in the Philly punk scene. A group who owe as much to Megadeth as they do the Ramones the group fuses guitar histrionics with energetic punk riffing and a straightforward rock and roll sensibility of the sort you won't soon forget. While this record is certainly weird and powerful it is also one you will find yourself circling back too time and time again.

There is something really charming about the youthful energy and blazing exuberance of Roadkiller. Yet this isn't just a dirt punk record that people will forget about. The production while refreshingly raw is certainly clear enough to communicate the power of the ideas within and the chunky sense of forward motion that dominates the record will simply leave you in awe. This is an album that ebbs and flows, breathing adn expanding and demanding the listener really sink their teeth into all that is going on here. It makes sense on first listen, but the playing is flashy enough that multiple spins are going to pay off and give you an opportunity to uncover new layers that you might not have heard before.

Roadkiller is a throwback to all that is fun, powerful and over the top in the history of speed metal and high powered punk. While this is a record steeped in retro vibes I wouldn't say that this is just retreading old ground. There are too many influences, some from surprisingly diverse sources that I think can be counted in. Still, Roadkiller have unleashed something here that is punchy and exciting, that reflects on the burning magic of this kind of music and shows us that there is a new Philly band to be reckoned with.

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