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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Ossuarium - Living Tomb

When you see that 20 Buck Spin is dropping a death metal record then you are in for a good time. Few labels so consistently dominate metal journalists top ten lists and are bale to just unleash so much raw good music with every passing year. Such is the magic of 20 Buck Spin and what they have learned to bring to the table over the years. This latest offering from Ossuarium, Living Tomb is a veritable monster of a record, one that is chock to the brim with gnarly riffs and over the top antics hinting at death metal absolution.

I think that when a death metal record comes out hoping to conjure up demented mosh pits so much of it is a question of tone. If the bands guitar and bass tone sounds good then the record rips, if its weak, then you need to leave the hall. Fortunately, Ossuarium have a guitar tone that is absolutely massive. The vast and intimidating sounds of their strings caroming across a furious double bass drum assault makes for something that can't help but to terrify the listener. The hints of doom death in the music only further accent this, adding a layer of crushing inevitability to the sonic blasphemies that this band so easily conjures up.

You are going to find yourself lost in the swirling majesty and otherworldly might of Living Tomb. It's an album that chokes you out with the power of its riffs and which seems to constantly push towards fucked up new heights. It's hard to find something this demented and terrifying, it's hard to find something that is going to keep you up at night like this and which conjures up that same almost Morbid Angel-esque sense of horror that got us all into the genre in the first place. It's why Ossuarium fucking slay.

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