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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Undantagsfolk - Den Ondes Fingrar

Nordvis Records has always put out some really cool music so I try to take note whenever they hit me with another because I am almost certain that it is going to be a gem. such is the case with Den Ondes Fingrar by their latest signing Undantagsfolk. This Swedish duo craft incredibly dark and mesmerizing folk melodies with brooding strings and creepy arpeggios providing the backdrop to angelic vocals that seem to descend straight from the heavens to your eagerly awaiting eardrums. It's a two song sonic journey for the ages.

Den Ondes Fingrar ties into a lot of the recent trend of neofolk projects coming out of Scandinavia but it also goes a fair bit beyond that. Rather than just borrowing form more standard neofolk, folk and dark ambient influences like many of their peers, in the music of Undantagsfolk once can hear touches of post metal with elements of bands like Alcest or even the Cocteau Twins occasionally poking through the radiant light that this band represents. Despite their shining nature though Den Ondes Fingrar shows us a band who are not afraid of delving into the darker side of things and though they have less than ten minutes to show you what they are about on this EP they clearly have a passion for darkness.

With a brooding and sometimes weird harmonium counterbalancing nylon stringed guitars, Den Ondes Fingrar carves out a distinct sound world that is truly beautiful and strangely mesmerizing. If you fell in love with groups like Of The Wand & The Moon then you are going to find yourself unable to turn away from the unreal witchery of Undantagsfolk. This is a group who play upon surreal and magickal elements demanding the listener enter their sonic wonderland, but as soon as the request comes you have already fallen hopelessly in love.

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