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Monday, February 18, 2019

Elizabeth Colour Wheel - Nocebo

When I first saw Elizabeth Colour Wheel in a tiny DIY space in Brooklyn opening for Forn I knew that I was witnessing something special. After a flurry of interest from major players the band signed to The Flenser and suddenly things seem to be rolling for the group. These Berklee educated punks are delivering some of the most impressive heavy music that I have heard in a good long time. Borrowing form a vast variety of influences, from art doom to crust punk by way of grindcore and noise rock Nocebo is an ambitious and stunning debut.

You would think that having a huge range of influences would hurt the band, that they would, as many young bands do, try to be everything to everyone and end up being nothing to no one. The thing is, Elizabeth Colour Wheel with their deep musical educations in tow have been able to craft music that is not only emotionally powerful but it is cohesive. In a world where so many heavy records are just riff salad or an attempt at pure ugliness, Elizabeth Colour Wheel bring a powerful musicality to Nocebo and it makes for a fascinating listen. This is the sort of thing that almost can't help but to dominate year end lists.

It's rare that you find underground bands who are so goddamn good out of the gate and who have managed to build up so much organic growth. This is a band who seem to borrow from everywhere in order to mold it into something otherworldly and powerful that fans of heavy music in the broadest possible sense can't hep but to admire. This band is going to turn heads everywhere they go and they are so far ahead of their time that I feel we are witnessing the birth of a movement. Elizabeth Colour Wheel are blowing my mind and soon with soaring vocals and powerful guitars they will explode yours too.

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