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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Post Death Soundtrack - It Will Come Out Of Nowhere

This one is truly weird, from outer space and wonderfully addictive. Post Death Soundtrack is a Canadian project that delves into everything from doom metal to experimental rock by way of trip hop and psychedelia. There latest record It Will Come Out Of Nowhere is a wonderfully ambitious take on the genre that fans of heavy music are going to be fascinated by. Seemingly owing as much to Talk Talk as they do to Yob, this is the sort of crushing underground music that keeps me hooked on this lifestyle.

Touching on all manner of weird and angular approaches with trip hop keys slammed into Swans-esque songwriting, It Will Come Out Of Nowhere is frequently a dense listen, but that's part of the appeal. If you are going to dig into an hour plus record of auditory blasphemy and bizarro twists and turns, you shouldn't be looking for an easy listen. Instead this is something that subverts a variety of genre maxims and turns them on their head for maximum sonic majesty. Post Death Soundtrack are looking to fuse a deep variety of influences, and shockingly enough they pull it off most of the time, speaking to their skill as songwriters.

That being said - at times this record is definitely trying to accomplish a little bit too much. I think tightening the sound down is what is going to push them over the top. Right now Post Death Soundtrack seem like early Zeal & Ardor, interesting ideas, but with execution that wasn't quite where it needed to be. The thing is, the evolution is rapid when the level of talent is this obvious. Wonderfully creepy and definitely worthy of multiple listens, It Will Come Out Of Nowhere is a freaky listen and one that will keep you coming back.

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