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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Falaise - A Place I Don't Belong To

A Sad Sadness Song Records may be a relatively quiet label but I am routinely impressed by what they put out. The latest offering, from the Italians in Falaise, A Place I Don't Belong To is incredibly beautiful and moving. It's a record full of powerful emotion and soaring post black metal keyboards that carry the listener off. It's transcendent and grim, a testament to all that Falaise has managed to accomplish in their relatively short existence. Speaking to a greater overall power, this is a mesmerizing listen that any fan of pretty black metal should be able to fall deeply in love with.

This is a driving and powerful listen, one resplendent with raw emotion and whose towering arrangements strive to sweep you off your feet. In a world where so often I thin kthat we get lost in the navel gazing madness of the genre it's refreshing to find a band who write songs without resorting to Alcest-esque pop hooks. Instead these compositions are grandiose and otherworldly. They are songs that seem to transcend and speak to brave new sonic vista. This is a band who are crafting someone full of deep emotions and sense that through it all you are going to find a way forward that will both tease and fascinate.

While at times A Place I Don't Belong To feels a bit over the top for me that is a huge part of the appeal.There is an impressive dynamic range on displace within the work of Falaise and their mastery seems to have only grown with time. A Place I Don't Belong To is a transcendent journey and one that will take you across soaring mountaintops and into dark valleys of despair. It's remarkably well produced and the compositions are perfection. A record that flows elegantly from front to back it's a pleasure to go back and listen time and time again.

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