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Monday, February 11, 2019

False Gods - The Serpent And The Ladder

In a crowded NYC sludge scene, False Gods have always stood out to me. They are a band who have a clear tie to more stripped down roots but who with every passing release morph into something ever more powerful and multifaceted This latest offering, a twelve minute EP entitled The Serpent And The Ladder is some of the bands most fascinating work yet showcasing everything from their love of Swans to their deep understanding of almost Yob-esque songwriting. The point being, somewhere along the line, False Gods got fuckin' good!

The band has created in this record a newfound sense of momentum that comes after a year of lineup difficulty. This is a record that crashes forward, almost evil in its conception .The otherworldly and painful attack used here is punishing and speaks to what makes False Gods such monsters to begin with. The Serpent And The Ladder sees them rapidly expanding their sonic pallet and hinting at so many more opportunities for them to embrace. There are some deeply emotive passages here and moments that border on the transcendent, all whilst remaining wonderfully ugly and bordering on terrifying.

It's cool to get to watch a band grow, to listen as they leap from peak to peak and sem to come to terms with all that makes them a potent and interesting force within their genre. While at times on The Serpent And the Latter it can feel like False Gods are flying a bit too close to the sun I have to laud their ambition. Watching them temper this diaspora of elements into something that not only hearkens back to their primitive heaviness but also the artsy magic of which they are capable will be fascinating.

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