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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

High Reeper - Higher Reeper

You have to admire a band who named their first record High Reeper and then come out with a second release called Higher Reeper. The Delaware stoner rock masters are back a little over a year from their debut release, and now with countless shows under their belts including a tour in Europe, they are leaner, meaner and more capable than ever before. This is a band who distill their Sabbath worship into something truly special and different. High Reeper are a cut above their peers, and the well deserved sense of swagger on this record shows they know it.

The thing is that while High Reeper may lean on a lot of the tropes of the genre they do it in a way that not only feels natural but it also makes sense and seems to flow organically. This isn't just stoner rock by the numbers, the band clearly have a deeper understanding of the genre. There are some impressive, if muted, displays of musicianship on Higher Reeper and the growth from the debut is palpable. These tracks see the band refining their sound in new and exciting ways, in particular focusing on a surprisingly layered sound. In many ways this is just an all around upgrade for the band, a sort of coming of age and embracing their sonic birthright.

Building on all the classic elements to craft something unique and powerful, Higher Reeper is an addictive listen. Yes it's steeped in Sabbath worship, but that's kind of the point! It's a record that seaks to a movement and the power behind a scene. It's a record that seems to get all the best bits of the stoner rock/proto metal genre and express them articulately. A calculated and refined record, High Reeper continue to impress here, showing time and time again that they are cut from a different cloth. Sure they aren't breaking new ground, but their sound is wonderfully defined and honed to brilliance.

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