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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Saver - They Came With Sunlight

Featuring members of heavyweights Tombstones and Hymn, Saver is a truly special band. The Norwegian doom metal scene has had a lot of interesting stuff going on in recent years, a lot of twists in the myth if you will. so to have a new release that is special, powerful and honestly just fascinating speaks to how good this debut from Saver is. It's a record that focuses on colossal guitar tones, crushing riffage and a sense that through it all, doom metal remains king and will continue to fascinate listeners for decades to come. 

They Came With Sunlight is exactly the sort of thing that makes their label, Pelagic Records so great. It's thoughtful and serves a strong distillation of the darker side of the genre. The production is also top notch, with perfect guitar tones, thrilling rhythms and perfectly placed vocals, it's a real treat for the eardrums. Above all, Saver is fucking heavy, terrifying in scope and at times even grandiose. I think pushing those elements is going to bring this band to the next level. As is the Came With Sunlight shows us a band who while they have a clear sense of where they want to be, are only just starting to build out their unique voice. 

This is a wonderfully heavy record and one that is going to draw the listener in, keep them fascinated and then encourage them to delve even deeper into some of the members other bands. If you're a fan of Hymn and Tombstones you're going to like what you find, even though Savers is distinctly different. This is a really well put together, dare I say, masterful record. As the band continues to find their voice and fuse the elements that make them unique I think that we will see Saver take things to a whole new level. 

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