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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Noisem - Cease To Exist

It feels weird to me that its been four years since the last Noisem album. The band was such a foundational part of the scene in the mid 2010's that after they went through their rebirth I think there were some who weren't sure if the band would ever take off to the next level. Here we are though, Noisem is back and better than ever, ferocious in their sonic assault and suddenly ready to go for the throat. Cease To Exist is an absolutely fucking punisher of a record, showcasing Noisem's trademark mix of death metal, grindcore, hardcore, thrash metal and everything in between.

What gets me about this record is the immediate sense of urgency that you feel throughout. You sense the band is trying to make up for lost time with rapid and over the top sonic assaults. This is a record that is unafraid to go for the throat and the tight songwriting only further accentuates the hard hitting madness of this band. There is a sense of chaotic undeath that runs throughout Cease To Exist and a clear sense that this newest edition of Noisem is ready to tear the listener apart faster than ever, and I love it. It's hard to rise out of the ashes of an old lineup, especially moving from a five piece down to three, yet somehow these Baltimore punx have pulled it off.

This is a no frills, in you face hard hitting grindcore record. While some of the histrionics of yore still make their presence this remains Noisem as you'e never heard them whilst remind you why you've always loved them. There are mosh parts galore and crushing over the top mosh-inspiring assaults. This is a record that is fully self-aware and comes at you with equal doses of punk rock fury and guitar mastery. Cease To Exist is a stunning return to form for the Baltimore youth crew and suggests there is so much more to come.

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