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Monday, March 25, 2019

Hellripper - Black Arts & Alchemy

Hellripper is the sort of fun and over the top blackened thrash metal that makes this whole scene worthwhile. Growing out of the vision of James McBain, a 24 year old mastermind, their latest offering, Black Arts & Alchemy is some of the most wonderfully wicked and hard hitting heavy music that I have heard in a good long while. Becoming ever more refined with each release, Hellripper's brand of auditory blasphemy is pushed to new levels here as we delve into their black metal by way of Motorhead assault.

Proteg├ęs of Midnight, Hellripper are the sort of band who are going to rip your face off with every caroming chord. There is something endlessly fun about the almost danceable magic of this record. The searing melodies are over the top and at times silly, but that's part of the point. there is something wonderfully self aware about Hellripper. The playful evil of the title track for example only serves to push the band further down the rabbit hole of black n roll. What's important to note is that as punk as Hellripper might feel, these executions are tight. Yes things feel like they might burst apart at the seams, but to capture that takes a lot of skill, and McBain proves it time and time again.

If you want a record that screams 'Black fucking metal!' then look no further, Hellripper provide it. This is an album that is fun, powerful and over the top. IT reflects on everything that makes metal great, delivering with bloodlust. It's hard to find metal bands in 2019 who aren't precious about their art or overinvolved. There is something wonderfully natural about the in your face fuckery of Black Arts & Alchemy and it has me wanting to come back to the gut wrenching madness of this record time and time again.

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