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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Glitter Wizard - Opera Villains

So I've been a fan of Glitter Wizard for a long fucking time. Like since 2010. They've always impressed me with their unique approach to the genre and their worship of the true OG's, artists like Iggy Pop, Hawkwind and the MC5. It was really exciting getting to check them out live for the first time back in January. Hell - they brought their own hype man who crushed beers and wore a ridiculous leather outfit complete with arm tassels. This is a band who exude classic rock and roll and speak to the greatness of one of California's greatest rock band.

The thing about this record is that it is some of the most tripped out, powerful and incredibly weird material that I have heard in  good long while. Despite that though this isn't a record seeks to be avant garde or edgy. Nor is it a record that is especially challenging. If you like stuff like the Troggs and the Guess Who the you are going to fall in love with this band. They understand what makes those bands good and the inherent weirdness of psychedelic rock. They don't try to cloak it in fat riffs or overwhelming volume, they are just weirdos making weird music for weird people. If you don't want that, fuck you.

Long story short - Opera Villains is just another testament to how fucking good Glitter Wizard is and why what they are doing is important for the future of rock and roll. They are crafting music that is potent and emotional. It's exciting and hard not to fall in love with their work. This is a band who are over the top and powerful, speaking to a lost generation of rock and roll and giving it their all. Perfectly produced, endlessly exciting and constantly pushing the listener for more, come out and have a rave up!

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