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Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Pilgrim - Walking Into The Forest

This was certainly an... unexpected release. Heavy Psych Sounds boss Gabriele Fiori is a busy guy, not just with the label, but also his band Black Rainbows. I didn't expect him to be coming out with a solo project showcasing some really intricate and fascinating folk rock. This record features some of Fiori's most impressive performances to date and demonstrates a whole different side to his sound. This dude is truly on another level, and Walking Into The Forest is quite possibly my favorite thing he has ever done.

The Pilgrim fascinates with its majestic vibes and warm tones. Walking Into The Forest seems to revel in its own humanity, it's a sort of head trip for the soul. This isn't a record to be taken lightly. Rather it is one that will keep you engaged, fascinated and constantly picking apart new sounds. Carrying on the tradition of bands like Crosby, Stills and Nash this is an album that is going to capture your heart. Rather than dwelling on heavy riffs or gut punch choruses, The Pilgrim leans more towards the transcendent. These songs will carry you off on the wings of a dragonfly and keep you utterly in awe.

Walking Into The Forest is perhaps the pleasant surprise of the year. It's a record I genuinely see myself spending a lot of time with - because this is the sort of music that really resonates with me lately. It's deeply emotional and interesting. It's got many layers to peel apart and it constantly hints at broad new vistas the project could embrace. I am very curious about what the next steps will be here because The Pilgrim is one of the most deeply engaging things I have heard in a while. Not heavy by any means, this is a project any fan of music in general should be listening too.

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