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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Lord Dying - Mysterium Tremendum

I don't think I would have ever expected a Lord Dying record to sound like this. Mysterium Tremendum is a sprawling concept album from these sludge masters cum prog metal freaks. Except calling them prog metal freaks isn't accurate. There are still hard rocking moments. There are other parts that seem like they might fit better on a dark ambient record. It's an album that is all over the map and yet it somehow fits into the overall imagery of the band and encourages you to delve even deeper into what they are all about.

What makes Mysterium Tremendum so fascinating to me is the way that it almost eagerly dips from peak to peak. It is full of emotional intensity nadh as some of the bands most nuanced performancesto date. Rather than trying to rip your face off with death 'n' roll o drag you to hell with crushing sludge, this is a record that eagerly fascinates the listener, providing all manner of sonic dalliances and encouraging you to go deep into the underbelly of the heavy underground in the search for peace, freedom and some sort of absolution. This record is triumphant and powerful, the next step forward for a metal band looking to find their way after years of silence.

One gets the impression from the first that every aspect of Mysterium Tremendum was put under a microscope. The production is gorgeous and the execution top notch. there are all sorts of interesting musical twists and turns. There are all sorts of unexpected new directions for the band. I would never have though Lord Dying were capable of putting out a record like this, but now that I have it in my paws, it all makes sense. This is a huge step forward for the band and hints at so much more to come, what's not to love?

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