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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Ancient Altar - Cosmic Purge/Foie Gras

Cosmic Purge/Foie Gras has been circulated around the heavy underground for a few years now and has always been in desperate need of a vinyl release. This classic from the doom warriors in Ancient Altar saw the band take a potent next step, moving from an also ran in a crowded scene to a veritable artistic force in their own right. While the band has certainly experienced some lineup turmoil since this offering, there is something incredibly potent about Cosmic Purge/Foie Gras that has me coming back time and time again.

Though it's a mere two songs, these tracks speak to something greater. There is a very real sense of honesty about what Ancient Altar are doing o this one. Though they are coming from some pretty par for the course elements, Cosmic Purge/Foie Gras sees them distilling these influences into something greater. This is an interesting listen because it represented a massive step forward for the band. It propelled them into a world of clean vocals and even better guitar tones. Ancient Altar is not an easy band to wrap your head around, and Cosmic Purge/Foie Gras sees the band taking their approach ever further.

The simple melodicism of these tracks is wonderfully counterbalanced by skull crushing heaviness. They are a band who never have shied from extremes, and though they fit very much into the doom metal fold, the execution here is tasteful. What always excited me about this record though was that Cosmic Purge/Foie Gras has the potential to be so much more, to push so much further. It suggests that maybe just maybe Ancient Altar are on the verge of something great. This could be step one in a much grander journey.

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