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Monday, April 29, 2019

False - Portent

False is one of the most intent and inherently fascinating bands in the black metal scene today. It would thus make sense that their unique brand of terrifying and transcendent black metal would come out on Gilead Media. Their first full length in four years and their second LP overall, Portent is some truly potent shit. The power behind these extended tracks is mesmerizing. You find yourself getting lost in massive soundscapes and digging ever deeper into the world of black metal slaughter. This is a USBM band for the modern age.

Through and through the most impressive aspect of Portent is the songwriting. This is a record that continually impresses with not only the breadth of the songs but also the overall level of execution. The compositions here are multilayered and use the symphonic padding as a way to roar forward. There is almost a sense of inevitability with how False write, as if this is the only thing that could have come of it all. It's a record that makes for continually fascinating sonic discovery and seems to only advance the bands career. Portent is sonic poetry that has me excited to go dive back into the bands potent discography.

The level of maturity presented here speaks to how hard the band has been working since their 2017 EP, Hunger. This isn't just a huge step forward it's a testimony to all that False can be. They are spearheading their own wave of black metal, coming at you with intensity and strange beauty. This is definitely a record to feel overwhelmed with and even intimidated by. Portent speaks to many of the reasons I got into black metal in the first place. It's a record that, in its own way balances dark with light and makes you love it damn the consequences.

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