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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Call Of The Void - Buried In Light

Our Colorado boys have grown up! A far cry from the metallic punk band that they were just a few years ago, Buried In Light sees the the Denver heavyweights broadening their sound and going for the throat. Once a band who seemed destined for DIY tours until eternity, Buried In Light is a massive step forward. A concept album weaving a potent tale of life and death, servitude and suicide, this is the band at their brainiest. There are countless interesting twists in the myth here, all serving the higher purpose of the band.

On some level Buried In Light should not come as a surprise. It's always been clear that Call Of The Void were turned onto some next level shit. I remember interviewing them years ago and they spoke of their passion for art museums. The band seems to continually want to grow though. This record speaks to their ability to craft potent soundscapes and raise their unique brand of heavy to a whole new level. There is something strangely addictive about these punishing grooves and the groups ability to craft beauty out of darkness. This record is at times almost anthemic and pushes for so much beyond that.

Call Of The Void have gone above and beyond here. This is a record you can get lost in that continually expands what the group is about and gets you into a headbanging frenzy. The gratuitous gang vocals on Buried In Light make it feel like a community effort. In many ways it is. The Denver scene has been exploding in recent years and this offering feels like a powerful testimony to what a scene can be. Buried In Light is a masterwork and it may very well be that Call Of The Void never again kick ass on quite this level.

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