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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Goregang - Neon Graves

With current and former members of Venom Inc, Soilwork and Wombbath in the fold, you know that Goregang is going to be special. After turning heads with their mammoth 2017 debut EP, the band is now here with a full length to smash in skulls. Building on all the traditional Cro Magnon death metal tropes this is a truly punishing listen. Goregang is a band who seem to revel in going for over the top brutality. They force the listener to really sink their teeth into the inherent madness of this music and revel in the bitter unreality of the music.

As you careen from crushing riff to sludgy breakdown by way of mosh inducing stomp it rapidly becomes clear that Neon Graves is cut from a fine cloth. From the album opener on it's easy to envision longhaired twenty somethings dragging their knuckles across the mosh pit. This is dungeon dwelling caveman death metal at its finest. Building on the tradition of groups like Outer Heaven and Necrot, Goregang are part of the new wave of OSDM. There is a maddening assault here that makes Neon Graves a fascinating listen that speaks to everything death metal holds unsacred. It's why we sink our teeth in and stay mesmerized.

Prepare to dive into the pit with Neon Graves. The guys in Goregang have unleashed something special and it's a testament to all that has made Transcending Obscurity such a wonderful label for all these years. It comes straight from the underground without an ounce of bullshit. The chaotic bitterness and inherent madness of Neon Graves is addictive and continually pushes for new heights. With savage vocals spat out like bile from a demented beast and chainsaw guitars you're going to be enamored with this riff heavy invocation.

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