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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Verwoed - De Val

Dutch black metal has been really capturing my imagination lately. Masters like Laster have been elevating the genre to a global stage in a big bad way. De Val is Verwoed's contribution to the dutch black metal cannon and speaks to all the band is capable of. Their sophomore release this is a huge step up for the band and one that routinely hints at this group becoming one of their nations premier extreme acts. Larger than life and thrilling in scope, De Val is a masterful release that routinely captures the imagination.

I think what gets me about this record is that while the backdrop is certainly top tier black metal - De Val leans into so many other elements. The potent clean vocals and the hints of choruses and ambient textures makes for some compelling listening. This is a record that routinely expands the imagination. It's the sound of Dutch black metal reaching a whole new level. The sheer depth of the songwriting here is thrilling. With every passing sonic exploration there comes another twist in the myth. As the band progresses through the madness you become ever more entrenched.

De Val routinely impresses with the breadth of its songwriting and the exciting new directions that the band so eagerly takes. It is not just a giant leap in the right direction for the band it is a leap that could go on to define a scene. The focus here is on brash dynamics and transcendent sonic poetry, making for something you can't help but to find yourself enamored with. De Val is a stunner from front to back. It's going to keep you hooked and have you digging back in Verwoed's discography, they pulled out a good one here.

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