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Monday, May 13, 2019

Death Angel - Humanicide

Of all the thrash metal bands to have come back after a prolonged break up Death Angel are probably the best. Their clear direction and homage to the past without ever seeming corny has always paid off in a big bad way. This latest offering, Humanicide is certainly a banger. It speaks to the bands ability to craft fun and over the top thrash metal three decades into their career. There's a ton of raw energy and pure hatred here making for one of the groups most dynamic offerings to date. While it doesn't reach quite the same level as The Dream Calls For Blood this is still a masterful release.

It's hard not to get lost in the twists and turns of Humanicide. This record continually pushes the band to new heights with the sheer intensity of the rhythm section. Toss in a few angular riffs and suddenly you have the perfect sonic backdrop for Mark Osogueda. The dude continues to be one of thrash metals best frontmen, be it guiding you through a sing along anthem or spitting out raw hatred. This is clearly a record built for the live stage, from the epic intro to the clap along bridges. It's a lot of fun to sink your teeth into and every passing song can see crazed mosh pits opening up from wall to fucking wall.

Humanicide is a fun record, it's an epic record and it's one that the thrash metal faithful are going to want to spin time and time again. It's rare in 2019 that there is a thrash metal record that really gets my ear. The balls out intensity of Humanicide though is more than enough to get my heart racing. In a world of thrash metal madness and ever increasing bloodthirst, Death Angel seem to understand how to dominate. Exciting, over the top and willing to go for the throat, Death Angel prove once again they understand what thrash is all about.

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