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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Evil Angel - Unholy Evil Metal

There's something to be said for the insane brand of skull ripping extreme metal that came out of Scandinavia in the late 90s and early 2000s. As these bands continue to age they seem to become more in tune with their roots and all that they have created over the years. This latest offering from Evil Angel, Unholy Evil Metal, is part of Hells Headbangers continued dedication to unleashing some of the worlds most crass and oppressive heavy music. This is a record that very much feels like a particular scene, but that's what makes it great.

The gleeful bloodthirst and taste for raw violence that Evil Angel bring to the table here makes Unholy Evil Metal an addictive listen. It's a record that continually seems to push the band further and whips the listener up into a veritable frenzy. The circle pit inspiring stomp of these songs is delicious. They are unafraid to poke fun at themselves too. There is literally a song called 'UGH!' here - perhaps the bands most clear nod to their Celtic Frost worship. All in all though you are dealt a full deck of Scandinavian blackened death metal tropes making for some addictive listening that keeps your body shaking.

Unbridled with raw energy and devilicious grins, Unholy Evil Metal seems to continually push towards higher planes of depravity. Evil Angel very much tie into the fast and loose Hells Headbangers aesthetic, but the more I listen to this record the more I realize that they also represent the twisted beauty of the Finnish scene. This is tormented and hyper aggressive music that you can't help but headbang too. It's vicious, over the top and a whole hell of a lot of fun - so dive in - the blood is fine!

Listen to a pair of singles on Bandcamp!

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