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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Asagraum - Dawn of Infinite Fire

Edged Circle certainly can pick 'em. Dawn Of Infinite Fire, the latest offering from Edged Circle signees, Asagraum is a masterful black metal release from an all female group that seems determined to rip your face off. With a deep understanding of second wave black metal driving this bands blasphemous assault forward, Dawn Of Infinite Fire sees Asagraum evolving ever upward. The go for the throat sense of bloodthirsty slaughter that defines this record sets Asagraum apart from the pack and demands the attention of fans across the globe.

Dawn Of Infinite fire weighs in at nine tracks and forty seven minutes. The bands progression from their last record, Potestas Magicum Diaboli is palpable on ever single one of these songs. The Dutch black metallers not only have moved forward in leaps and bounds but also started to identify their own sound. It's easy to get lost in the in your face assault of these tracks, but when the band leans back into a twisted groove, as they do on album closer, Waar ik ben komt de dood, it becomes clear they are masters of bleak soundscapes. This is a record that very much plays on traditional tropes of black metal, but the execution is at a level far beyond the bands peers.

This is a record that I can't help but love sinking my teeth into. It shows a band who have grown and whose overall approach is based on their sheer skill in delivering potent black metal. Dawn Of Infinite Fire routinely goes above and beyond to impress the listener. It's a record full of swirling riffs and blasting drums. The twisted sonic landscapes they so eagerly paint stand as a tribute to what they have created here. In a crowded black metal scene, Asagraum avoid gimmicks and instead prove that they are here for blood.

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