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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Ecstatic Vision - For The Masses

I've talked before about how Ecstatic Vision are basically my favorite band in the heavy rock underground. The reason for this is simply that they understand the Hawkwind aesthetic better than basically any of their peers. Their entire approach to the genre with spaced out jams and bizarro vocals makes for a compelling listen. In a world where so many bands in this scene are aping High On Fire and Sleep, Ecstatic Vision go much further back in time and rock the influence of groups like The Troggs.

For The Masses fascinates because it sees the band going ever deeper on their psychedelic head trip. The otherworldly magic of the closer, Grasping The Void, speaks to the bands ability to conjure up ethereal cosmic imagery and push towards darker psychedelic futures. The auditory magic that spills out of every crevice of For The Masses is delectable, constantly hinting at strange new directions for the band. This is very much a record that plays on a tradition that many forgot half a century ago. Rather than coming off as some sort of navel gazing relic though, For The Masses rings proud as a statement to the burning power of rock and roll.

Ecstatic Vision are the real deal, and they've been proving that they are the real deal for nearly a decade now. In a world where so many of the bands in their genre seem content to keep regurgitating the same tired tropes, Ecstatic Vision push things forward. For The Masses is a weird record and one that is going to take a lot of patience to understand. That being said if you are ready to gobble down some acid, turn up the volume and zone out then very quickly everything is going to become clear to you.

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