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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Advent Sorrow - Kali Yuga Crown

Yesterday my roommate came raving to me about this Australian black metal band he had discovered called Advent Sorrow. Today I got the promo from Werewolf Records for Kali Yuga Crown. Don't you just love it when things work out? With that in mind - I am proud to report that Kali Yuga Crown is a solid slice of black metal. With symphonic touches padding out an articulate DSBM sound, Advent Sorrow have unveiled something fairly potent here inspiring the listener to dig ever deeper into the blasphemies they have wrought.

Kali Yuga Crown continually impresses with the pointed attack that they unveil on tracks like Spearhead. The tight riffing and monochromatic sound is a potent backdrop to the twisted vocals that simmer over top. Kali Yuga Crown continually sees the band doubling down on their sound, a very clearly directed and put together breed of black metal. This is not a band who want to explore artsy endeavors. Rather this is a group who revel in the straight ahead simplicity of black metal and want to place a focus on dragging you with them to their weir emotional hell. Quite the ask to be sure, but Kali Yuga Crown pulls it off with aplomb.

Advent Sorrow have elevated the game in Australia. A decade in and two albums deep into their career, the band has unleashed a truly depressive force upon the earth. There is a bleak sense of insanity that colors Kali Yuga Crown and makes for an addictive listen. Advent Sorrow are clearly pushing to bring their demented vibes to a whole new level here. Articulate and in many ways singleminded in approach, Kali Yuga Crown makes for some engaging listening and is well worth sinking your teeth into.

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