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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Disgusted Geist/Medicine Noose - Split

I love it when two bands who are going on tour together manage to get their shit together in order to release a split. Disgusted Geist and Medicine Noose are two such bands who are presently preparing for a European tour around Helsinki Deathfest. there is something truly potent about this split, the balance between Disgusted Geist's more traditional take on knuckle dragging death metal an the sort of emotional and almost traumatic screams of Medicine Noose. In a world where so much death metal is staid, these bands are bringing creative madness to the fore.

Disgusted Geist kick off the split with a pair of truly stunning tracks. Building on the legacy they have crafted with their previous pair of releases this is death metal the way it was meant to be played. Reveling in the sheer brutality and driven by the death roar of Chris Rodriguez the band eagerly careens their way into your ear drums. Meanwhile Medicine Noose have a much more emotional side to them. With touches of hardcore tinging an aggressive and barely restrained sound, their side of the split is frantic and anxious. There is some very real and very deep emotional trauma being thrown at the listener here and it is endlessly compelling.

Point being - this is a compelling set of five tracks that is going to stand as a pretty fitting look into what promises to be a tour for the ages. With the tour right around the corner, it's exciting to see these acts collaborating with a set of different labels in order to unleash death metal madness upon the world. Though Disgusted Geist and Medicine Noose represent fairly different sides of the death metal spectrum they actually compliment each other very nicely, it leaves me wishing I'd be able to see this unfold on stage!

Find the bands online!

Disgusted Geist:

Medicine Noose:


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