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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Sammath - Across The Rhine Is Only Death

Well THAT is a hell of an album title! For this in the know, Sammath have been grinding it out in the Dutch black metal scene for a quarter of a century now. The bands unrelenting brutality and blackened death metal assault makes for compelling listening. The bloodthirsty and in your face magic of these tracks speaks volumes to how Sammath has maintained their distinct level of insanity over the years. A band with a strong track record, Across The Rhine Is Only Death is a thrilling addition to the bands catalog.

The band finds balance across their ballsy war metal assault here. Tracks like All Lay Dead In The Slit Trenches Of Calcar are almost anthemic in their approach. These Hammerheart Records signees then double down on it with the demented magic of a track like Blood Ridden Fields. Based around true stories that reflect on the sheer misery of the human condition when at war, Across The Rhine Is Only Death is one of the more tastefully executed war metal releases of recent years. Yes it remains over the top and in your face but for me that's a huge part of the appeal of a record like this one. The rock solid execution is what keeps it entrancing.

As you make your way through this record you can feel yourself standing alongside the soldier who knew they were facing their deaths. With a sound that is reminiscent of artists like Revenge, Angelcorpse and Autopsy, Across The Rhine Is Only Death stands tall as another excellent addition to the Sammath catalog. Watching this band develop has always been a pleasure and it's thrilling to see that a quarter of a century into their careers they have been able to unleash something that takes them to the next level.

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