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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Atlantean Kodex - The Course Of Empire

It's weird to think that it's been seven years since the last Atlantean Kodex full length. Sure there was that cassette they did last year and their third live record, but neither of those things really speak to the magic that is a new Atlantean Kodex full length. The Course Of Empire is over an hour of heavy metal mastery. With power metal fun all over the record, this is an album that can't stop entrancing the listener. It may be over the top and a little silly, but that's kind of the point when you're listening to a record with a song called 'Spell of the Western Sea (Among Wolves and Thieves).'

In other words - The Course Of Empire is one of the most straight up righteous albums of 2019. It's one that takes you on a journey and delivers on a similar level to bands like Solstice and Scald. In some wys it sort of feels like Atlantean Kodex have carved out a place for themselves alongside those bands. they are now deep enough into their career that this group can be viewed as living legends more than anything else. though yes they may like their privacy and this may be only their third full length, few true metal bands deliver with this level of eloquence. It makes for some really cool and profound listening.

The Course Of Empire is a stunner and a record that reminds us that these guys are the masters, despite a prolonged silence. If you have any affinity for true or power metal you are going to find yourself singing along to these ten epic anthems and mesmerized in the glory of the top notch production. Tastefully executed and with a clear sense of the history of the genre whilst maintaining an eye on the future, The Course Of Empire is yet another step up for a group who will take you on a journey.

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