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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Detherous - Hacked To Death

Man this new wave of OSDM is really fascinating. Part of what I love about it is that it''s moved past hardcore kids who like death metal and started to infest other brands of OSDM. Such is the case with Hacked To Death the latest from Detherous. This is a record that apes the mastery of the Florida bands, groups like Death and Obituary but with a healthy dose of Asphyx tossed in their too add a bit of flavor and remind us about death and the power it holds. This is a thrilling listen and one which seems to continually drag the listener below the bottom.

Hacked To Death shines in its flashy solos and crunching guitars. The manic riffs that define a track like Monstrosity speak to the Slayer obsessed tendencies of Detherous. This is a band who capture the snarl of early Demolition Hammer but inject it with their own demented ideas in order to unleash something truly next level. The devilish conjurations we hear on this record seem to act as a reminder that true death metal is unforgettable and will always propel fans ever deeper into the pit. The mosh pit worthy stomp of the rhythm section collides with a Sacrifice-esque sense of evil and it makes for an all around good time.

So yes, Detherous wear their influences on their collective sleeve but that's kind of the point. Hacked To Death is a fun listen because of this. It's a trip through the annals of death metal and a fitting reminder of all that has and is to come. Detherous build on the legacy of their musical ancestors in order to unleash something fascinating. This is a record that won't be easily forgotten and which, with a little growth could be the inception of one of the next great new wave of OSDM bands here to reap souls.

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