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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Paganizer - The Tower Of The Morbid

I always knew Paganizer were good. Their twenty plus year history is an indication to how long they have been out there doing this after all. That being said - The Tower Of The Morbid is something else. This is a monster of a death metal record from a group of heavy hitting Swedes who understand what it takes to crush skulls all across the globe. It's rare that a band unleashes their strongest offering more than twenty years into their career, but here we are with an absolute monster of an album that just keeps on giving.

What gets me about The Tower Of The Morbid is the sheer sense of bombast that the band bring to the table. The punishing grooves are cool as are the devastating vocals, but it's the bands ability to meld these into towering highs and crippling lows that differentiates them. The masterful execution on a track like Flesh Tornado speaks to exactly what kind of band this is and what they have been able to unveil. The melodic guitar lines in particular, while not dominant, add a nice little flair to the record. It's interesting to see how Paganizer are able to pull from elements across the Swededeath spectrum, even within the context of one song.

The Tower Of The Morbid is a crushing record that will grind bones to dust. With terrifying breakdowns and a balls out assault that promises to kick off pits around the world, Paganizer have done it again. It's hard not to get hyped on this record and want to punch a wall or some dumb shit like that. It's a fun album and one that seems to only get better with repeat listens. The Tower Of The Morbid sees Paganizer nicely distilling what has made them such a top notch death metal band for so long and leaves me begging for more.

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