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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Ehlder - Nordabetraktelse

Nordvis Produktion has been knocking it out of the part lately with stellar releases. Their latest offering to have caught my eye comes from Ehlder, the Swedish black metal entity who trace their roots to the forests of Sweden. Their upcoming record, Nordabetraktelse, dances between a mixture of lack metal styles. While you might inititally take them as another raging act they bring in earthy touches that I don't think you would initially expect to find. Capped off with a stunning drum outro and you have yourself a truly impressive record.

Kicking off strong with the grandiose poetry of Stridskall the band seems eager to only go further down the rabbit hole of forested madness the deeper you get into the record. It's hard to not be mesmerized by the longer offerings on Nordabetraktelse. While many of the bands peers can come off as almost masturbatory, it is clear from the first that Ehlder and tapped into something else. This is a band who embrace the sheer bombast of black metal but seem to also engage deeply in the simple elegance of the form. When they integrate ancient elements you start to get a sense for the heritage this music represents.

Suffice it to say, at its best Nordabetraktelse is a stunner. While this is a new act and there are certainly places they could trim the fat and conversely ideas they could develop this record still suggests that the band are set to do a lot. As someone who works in the genre I have no clue where Nordvis Produktion finds these bands, but the fact that they unleash music of this quality with such regularity speaks to their abilities as a label. This is a fascinating listen and one you will mull over even when not spinning it.

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