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Monday, August 5, 2019

Imperium Dekadenz - When We Are Forgotten

I'm not gonna lie - I was really thrown when I saw that the new Imperium Dekadenz was coming out on Napalm Records. It's not what you expect from a group who built their name in Season Of Mist's expertly curated Underground Activists label. Suffice it to say - When We Are Forgotten, the latest from the German black metallers is one of their most impressive works to date and hints at so much more to come. After years of grinding it out in the underground they have unleashed what is one of their best put together records yet.

When We Are Forgotten is best when it's dwelling in deeply emotional soundscapes. Though this record splays out over seventy minutes it still makes for a compelling listen. The addictive nature of the record comes from having such a lush backdrop on which to really lay your head. This is an album that routinely impresses as it jumps from peak to peak. The eight minute closer, 'Owl Of The Black Forest' is one of the groups most impressive offerings to date. It takes the listener on a journey and acts as the perfect endpoint to the record. In some ways this album is the one that puts Imperium Dekadenz over the top as black metal greats.

So yes - this record is going to have black metal nerds the world over salivating. When We Are Forgotten is a delightfully thought out and well executed statement. In all of this though the band never loses site of what makes them truly great and seems to keep their ties to the underground close to their hearts. Imperium Dekadenz would not have necessarily been my pick to put out one of the best black metal albums of the year, but here we are. They've built upon an impressive discography to unleash a true stunner.

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